Project Description

G-Active Orientation

In This 3 hour Programme, you will going through some basic theory and fundamentals of the importance of SELF and Self-Leadership through the Look, Listen, Feel Concept. The Scenario play in this programme will allow you to be more Self Aware about your strengths and weaknesses to be a better team player.


G-Active Versatile

In this 8 hour Programme, we will be focusing more on the importance of TEAM. How different characters and learning styles can come together. As well as strategies to develop Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking.


G-Active Pro

This programme is a 2Days 1 Night intensive Programme for potential leaders, bringing them to the next level through Experiential Learning in the Paintball Field as well as other Expedition based programmes.


G-Active Sportspreneur Programme 

How do you Monetize your Passion? If you have always wanted to try planning Sports events such as Paintball, Nerf Gun or Archery Tag Events and Tournaments, just book an appointment with us for a consultation session and we can customise a suitable Mentoring Programme for you to follow through! Equipments and resources will be provided! This programme is Mobile as we will be using Nerf Gun Rivals or Archery Tag Equipments which can be conducted at your organisation or chosen location. This Programme is definitely suitable for youths, millennials whom would like to explore running Sports Businesses. Be Empowered!


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