There will indeed be that friend who always believes and trusts your dreams and who will support you. These friends are indeed the precious ones that you should cherish.
Meet @noriswanty my Long time friend that I knew back then from The Outdoor Education Industry whom have been my supporter for years when I started Grundy Wellness Network. Through any programmes or events that I will need her assistance she will do her best to just be there.
And when she finally found her purpose to start something on her own, i am indeed proud and happy for her. As finally she have found something to be excited for and that feeling will be that motivation to push you to make things work for that passion and that purpose. It will indeed be a challenging journey but I will do my best to support and assist.
Noris will be leading the handicrafts and arts section under #grundyacademy and you may find out more and get updates through @sweetzstitchz. Instagram and Facebook. Watch out for our updates and upcoming Cross Stitch and Diamond Art workshops!
Are you ready to do some stitching? 🤭