Project Description

Competitive Paintball Clinics

This 3 hour session, you will experience how competitive paintball is. From basic fundamentals to understanding the difference of recreational versus competitive paintball. Meet like-minded players. Form teams for skirmishes and experience how the game play formats are. Grundy’s Affiliate Competitive Paintball Team, Hellions SG, led by Coach Zee himself, also known as Zahid Rosli will be coaching you and your team.

In our Paintball programmes, we facilitate learning and engage you to allow experiential learning and life skills to take place. Develop your Attitude and values through our programme and discover yourselves better!


Grundy Transform Paintball Corporate Programme & Events

From organising Team-Building sessions for you and your organisation which is more recreational to a competitive Paintball Tounament, just share with us your needs and objectives for us to craft a suitable programme for you and your team! Discover your leadership qualities and potential strengths as well as understanding your weaknesses which can benefit your organisation through Paintball!


Nerf Gun Challenge Events Mentoring Programme

How do you Monetize your Passion? If you have always wanted to try planning Sports events such as Paintball, Nerf Gun or Archery Tag Events and Tournaments, just book an appointment with us for a consultation session and we can customise a suitable Mentoring Programme for you to follow through! Equipments and resources will be provided! This programme is Mobile as we will be using Nerf Gun Rivals or Archery Tag Equipments which can be conducted at your organisation or chosen location. This Programme is definitely suitable for youths, millennials whom would like to explore running Sports Businesses. Be Empowered!


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