Project Description

The Experiential Learning Industry covers many segments: from the outdoors to indoors, from conversations to activities, from experiencing to transferring the experiences.

  • How might we create a space, where the participants are consistently engaged, and learning?
  • How might lectures and activities become meaningful and transferable?
  • How might we create a safe space where we appreciate individuals and acknowledge courage, with authenticity, sincerity and love?
  • How might we demonstrate compassion and create abundance as the facilitators and trainers in the session?

Join Grundy Academy’s “Engaging Training, Meaningful Programmes”!

Through the session, you will:

  • learn how to support the learning with varying attention spans
  • learn how to be clear with instructions
  • be able to design programmes that are meaningful and purposeful
  • understand why participants may not be paying attention
  • become more purposeful in engaging the participants
  • and much, much more!

Be prepared to play, have fun and learn!

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