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Women plays many roles in society and is known to be the foundation of the family unit.

In my 8 years as a Mumpreneur, I have met many mumpreneurs and womenpreneurs with various backgrounds and stories of why they started their businesses. It may sound easy, however having your own business requires You to have the attitude, many sets of skills and knowledge for you to be Creative in Solving various challenges that comes along with it.

One of the many reasons I’m still able to still Run my own business is to invest on myself. Investing on knowledge relevant to how you intend to run the business. Having mentors of various expertise to give you the wake up call when you need one or that listening ear when you break down because of being too overwhelmed. Yes! Running a Businesses is like marathon which requires you to Have a stamina and which requires You to makes mistakes and learn from Them. Entrepreneurs are the chosen ones with their own calling to bridge gaps in society and to solve problems in the community.

If you have just started your business or Is stucked or stagnant on How you would like to Move forward, perhaps this coaching session is for You. Why we are different in our coaching methods is to use experiential learning pedagogy to coach you in business. We focus more on your self awareness, identifying your strengths for you to identify your identity as a woman First before you decide what’s best for you in your business.

There will be a fee required in the coaching programme as there are costs that we will need to cover, however,

the first 10 pax that signs up in the programme will receive:

✔️a special ‘sliding scale fee’

✔️allow you to ‘pay as you can’ from $20 onwards per week.

✔️You determine the value of this coaching programme.


From 11pax onwards, the fee will be:

✔️ $50 Per week Which can be paid via installments.

✔️The intention of this programme is not to earn profits

✔️but to support you in your entrepreneurial journey in this Covid-19 Situation.


This is what you will get for $50 per week:-

✔️Needs analysis and consultation (30mins) – worth $50

✔️2 Coaching Sessions per week (90mins each) – worth $200

✔️Exclusive 30mins check in call (once a week) – worth $50

✔️Free Trial of Instagram Automation for Social Media Marketing – worth $14.99 per month

Let us support you in your Entrepreneur journey. If you have any questions, you may contact me to enquire❤️


*Once payment is made, we will then arrange for our first consultation. Do make payment via these methods and include ‘WCP’ in the reference.

Paynow /Paylah To: 8383 1894

Bank Transfer: DBS Savings 120-701999-5

Paypal QR Code & Link:










Warmest regards,

Aifa Ahmad